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On March 1, we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. Yay for us!

And what would a year with Neil and Ginger be without a fabulous vacation? Or... two? Oh, yeah, a year with people panicking about a virus and closing everything including tourist attractions and canceling flights and such. But this year's lack of travel doesn't keep us from reminiscing about past vacations. Last September, we spent ten days in France, flying into Paris and spending time in Bayeux, Avignon, and Marseille, with side trips to Nîmes and Aix-en-Provence along the way.

And just after Thanksgiving, Ginger spent a week in Rome with a friend!

As usual, you can experience (virtually) our vacations to France and Rome, complete with tons of pictures and a travel log. We'll keep you updated with other trips, hopefully later in the year!

Oh yeah, and a few months without a vacation may just be a good time to get another dog. We considered a few older dogs early in the year, but, wouldn't you know it, ended up getting Maya, a 7-month old Lab puppy! Sometimes we wonder what we've gotten ourselves into, but things are working out for the most part. Check out all of our dogs here.

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