The 2007 Mazda6

In February 2009, it became apparent that it was time to replace our well-used 1997 Nissan Altima. Ginger got the car while living in Arizona before we even met, back in 1999 or so. It served us well over the years, being reliable as we piled on almost 160,000 miles. It started to need a couple of costly repairs so it made sense to go with something newer. We had just gotten two vehicles in the past year and a half, a 1999 BMW 323i that we were happy to get rid of trade in for a 2005 Nissan Altima in the later part of 2008.

We went around to a couple nearby dealerships and started looking online for another Altima, but had our minds open enough to consider some other choices, anything that was a small foreign 4-door. Finding a few Altimas and a couple Mazda6s and Mazda3s online, Neil took the day on Saturday to go shopping in Dallas while Ginger was at the Auto Show volunteering to help dogs get adopted.

After Neil picked up Ginger, the last stop of the evening was at Freeman Mazda in Irving, actually the same place where we bought our Maxima back in 2003. We actually had a pleasant experience while the salesman Jim took us back to the back lot to look at some Mazda6 choices that they had just gotten in. No high pressure tactics, and he said it was reasonable to think they could get close to what we wanted to pay. He actually called in response to our questions on Monday, working with Neil on the price, which turned out to be a little better than what they considered their "best" price. The dark gray one was the one we liked best - the one with the fewest miles, the best looking body, and the most appealing color, and Jim pushed it through the make-ready department to have it ready for us when we got there on Monday evening. They were willing to give us a good price for the trade, so it was a done deal, contingent, of course, upon our own third-party mechanic's inspection.

No surprise, the car checked out just fine on Tuesday, so we exchanged money and tiles Wednesday and now the Mazda is officially ours!

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So, now we have a Maxima page, a BMW page, an Altima page and this Mazda page. Hopefully it will be a few more years before we have to make any other car pages on this site!