Arizona Vacation: October 2016

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Ginger had lived in Arizona for about 9 months many years ago and had some bucket list items still left to be checked of things to do in that state. So we decided to take the plunge and go to Arizona in the fall to hike when it wasn't blazing hot and get some of those items checked off.

Phoenix was our base and we drove out to different hikes from there each day. Our travel agent, Mischelle at Primo Travel Services suggested two hotels and we ended up splitting the nights of the trip to three in one, three at the other because they both looked so great!

The desert has its own type of beauty and actually contains a robust ecosystem of flora and fauna. This vacation taught us a bit about our physical limits but also allowed us to wonder at the beauty of some of God's creations.

Ready for your own virtual vacation to Arizona? Well, here you go...