Arizona Vacation: October 2016

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Thursday, October 13 - Grand Canyon Day

Due to the aforementioned lack of observance of Daylight Saving Time, the sunset at the Grand Canyon happened around 5:30pm. Since it was early in our trip and we hadn't yet adjusted to the time change, getting up and at 'em early was easy so we decided to hit the road for the 4 hour drive to Grand Canyon National Park.

Photos of the drive to Lenox Crater (6 images)

Along the way after a stop in Flagstaff at the Maverik Gas Station we took a side trip to Lenox Crater and walked the short but steep Lenox Trail and Lava Field Trail.

Photos of Lenox Crater (37 images) Photos of the drive to the Grand Canyon (5 images)

Once at the Grand Canyon, our goal was to hike the 11 mile South Rim Trail. Upon arrival we saw the bus schedule and decided to park and take the shuttle to the end of the trail such that we would be walking back toward the car on the trail in case the buses stopped running before we were ready to quit hiking. Unfortunately the shuttle ride was slow and we lost about an hour of hike time due to the many stops the shuttle took. The scenery was beautiful and the park was majestic! The hike was harder than we thought so we only got through about 6 miles before hopping on a bus to a high point so Neil could set up his time-lapse camera device he'd just gotten to take a video of the sunset. The colors were gorgeous both of the sunset and the colors it showed on the canyon rocks!

Turns out we picked a good place to stop for the pictures because when we got on the bus to get back to the car, it was not so full, but within about 2 more stops it was completely full!

Photos of the Grand Canyon (25 images)

We made it back to the car and stopped for dinner in Flagstaff at Mama Burger, then a quick drop in at Starbucks for evening coffee, and arrived back at the Wigwam about 11:30pm all tired out.