Arizona Vacation: October 2016

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Saturday, October 15 - Estrella Mountain Park

Breakfast was Rudy's breakfast tacos, which were !!!DELICIOUS!!!! and Starbucks coffee. We checked out of The Wigwam, stowed our stuff, and drove to Baseline Trail in the Estrella Mountain Regional Park outside Phoenix. This rather short but pretty (if you like desert scenes) trail was a nice sample of the area and a good break from the grueling trail we did the day before.

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We checked in at our second hotel, The Boulders, which is located in an area with several short trails. We walked the Nature Trail loop and then returned to our room to the sound of screaming children, a man yelling at some kind of sporting event on the TV, and furniture moving on the floor above us. Ginger very promptly called the desk to ask for a different room and the staff graciously moved us to a room with no one above or below us. Whew!

The spectacular rooms at the boulders are unlike any room we'd ever stayed in. The walls were all in adobe style inside and out with stone and cement floors and southwestern heavy furniture. We chilled out for a bit and Ginger looked over the regional magazine on the table where she found an enticing list of restaurants to try.

Photos of The Boulders (19 images)

We decided to try Sauce, an Italian joint nearby. They serve the best lasagna Ginger has ever had (sorry, mom) and Neil's pizza was both delicious and a great portion size. The we drove to Sweet Republic Ice Cream for dessert before going back to the hotel and to bed.