Arizona Vacation: October 2016

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Tuesday, October 18 - Pass Mountain Trail, then the trip home

This was our last day of vacation but our flight wasn't until later in the evening, so after checking out of the hotel we heading for more trails. Back in Frontier Town, Neil had seen some Arizona t-shirts he liked but didn't get one. Since the area was near the hike we wanted to do, we went back, only to find the shop closed until noon, and we wouldn't have time to go back again. Oh well.

For our hike, we tried to get to the Cave Creek Trail that was listed in our book, but after not really finding the roads listed, and the pavement ending into a dirt road that seemed to go nowhere, we listened to our gut feelings and turned back. Disappointed with the lost time, but still wanting to hike, we chose the Pass Mountain Trail in Usery Mountain Park, which actually took us close to the airport anyway. Here again we came across a fork and couldn't tell which way to go, and of course we chose the wrong way and had to traverse some wilderness again. Ugh. We got a good amount of stickers again, and Neil even had to play MacGyver and use two USB cable ends to pull a spike out of Ginger's foot. Oh the humanity. We did make it to the viewpoint listed on our map though which made the work feel more worthwhile.

Photos of the hike along Pass Mountian Trail (14 images)

We stopped at a Walgreens for a final beverage and Neil also was able to procure an Arizona t-shirt. We didn't want to get to the airport too close to our flight time, especially as it was costing us $25 per hour more to have the car past 1pm, so we decided to make our way to the airport. We kept following the signs for rental car return and they led us into and then all the way out of the airport. We checked the car in within 6 minutes of being charged for another hour and with 9 miles of gas left in the tank (we had prepaid for a tank of gas when we picked up the car).

Even though it was just before 5pm, we got dinner at Pei Wei in the airport partly because we just wanted to get dinner over with. Pei Wei was by far the best value of the options we had. Our flight home was uneventful except that we arrived around 11:15 pm and we arrived back at home just before midnight to some very happy doggies.

While the vacation on the whole was a trying one in many aspects, it was good to get away and get into nature. Not all the days were blazing hot and we saw several interesting sights that allowed us to check off a few items from our bucket lists. All in all it was a good trip.