Labor Day Weekend in Boston: September 2010

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Monday, September 6 - Day 3 in Boston

Day three started out with breakfast at Starbucks. Ginger recommends you avoid the egg/turkey bacon/whole wheat english muffin sandwich. Whoever calls turkey bacon "bacon" should be run down. That's not bacon.

On Sunday we walked the famous Freedom Trail. We walked again some through Boston Common, up to the State House, around to King's Chapel and the adjoing burial grounds, to the site of the first American school. We visited the Old South Meeting House, the site of the meeting that marked the beginning of the Boston Tea Party, and the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. We took a quick rest at a fountain near Mother Anna's before continuing on to Paul Revere's House.

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Lunch was at Legal Sea Foods, as recommended by our friends Scott and Darby. And boy, was it good! Ginger ordered the sea mussles with butter and garlic sauce. Neil had a burger -- he actually said it was one of the best burgers he'd ever had.

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After lunch, we walked around to view the water of Boston Harbor before proceeding to Modern Pastry, where Neil had a dark chocolate covered cheesecake dessert and Ginger had a Napoleon. Mmmmm. Then it was off to Paul Revere's Mall, an open-air park like area that leads to the Old North Church -- this is the famous church that displayed the two lanterns that indicated that the British were attacking by sea ("one if by land, two if by sea"). Finally we crossed over the Charlestown Bridge to see the USS Constitution before hopping on the T to get back to the hotel. Catie Copley, the hotel resident black Labrador mix was in the lobby and of course we had to stop and play with her.

We took a quick rest stop in the room and then it was game time again!! Off to Fenway Park for game two!

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This game turned out a lot better... although we were sitting directly behind Ms. Big Hair and Mr. Big Mouth Drunk from about the 3rd-5th innings. After deciding to change seats (yes, there were a couple empties nearby since a lady's dog ate 3 of her 4 tickets), we were able to more thoroughly enjoy the Red Sox's 12-5 trouncing of the Rays. Big Papi and Adrian Beltre provided some thrills with back-to-back homers in the 1st inning, and Ryan Kalish crushed a grand slam in the 4th.

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