The vacation that almost wasn't - June 29 - July 1, 2016

I wanted to take my mom on a short vacation to get away from all the stresses she’d been experiencing of late. I was finally able to convince her to go to an all-inclusive resort near Cancun, Mexico. My favorite travel agent, Mishcelle, with Primo Travel Services, set us up to go to the Hideaway by Royalton located just 7 miles from the Cancun airport.

Being the organized and administrative type I am, I meticulously printed and filed all the travel documents, packed my bag days before leaving, etc. I remembered checking my passport awhile back, and was sure it was fine. We were scheduled to leave on a Tuesday. The Friday night prior, I went into the files and got my passport. When I looked at the expiration date, I freaked. It was expired by about two months. All sorts of scenarios flooded my mind. I called Mischelle, and thank God she picked up the phone. She informed me there is a new-ish passport office in downtown Dallas and that she was pretty sure they could do same-day processing. On the website, the office says appointments are needed and the next appointment wasn’t for a few weeks. She suggested I be at the office first thing Monday morning before they even opened even though I had no appointment.

That was one of the most stressful weekends I’d ever had. I was in no condition to drive myself to downtown Dallas and so Neil generously drove me down there. We arrived at the office about 7:40am. With hands shaking, I handed my information to the staff person. I was told to return to the Will Call office at 2pm. I wasn't going to be relieved until I had the new document in my hot little hand. Indeed, I was given my shiny new passport at the will-call window at about 2pm. The 30 ton weight was off my shoulders. Time to focus on vacation!

Vacation time!

We were off to Cancun in the late morning. Our transport was apparently going to take quite a bit of time, so they put us in a private transfer vehicle for efficiency. Yeah!

The resort was advertised as "adults-only", but when we arrived, those little people walking around were clearly children. We left our bags at the front as our room was not quite ready and went to reception where it was explained that our room would be in the adults-only section of the hotel, and most facilities were shared with the family friendly section. Turns out, that was actually good as I think it put mom a bit at ease instead of it feeling like we were surrounded by a bunch of couples. We received our wristbands which had some kind of embedded electronics in them as they turned out to be our room key, and headed off to a glorious buffet lunch.

Upon returning to reception, we found out the staff person was able to upgrade our room to ocean view. Again, yeah! As soon as we could get into our swimsuits we headed down to the ocean. The water was actually hot! I couldn’t believe it! Strolling down the beach was actually more pleasant and then we took a dip in the pool, which was also quite warm, but not as warm.

After a couple lazy days, we decided that a short excursion would be a good thing to do and chose the 9am snorkeling excursion by Nexus. It was only $40, the boat ride was only 15 minutes to and from the reef, there were just 8 people going at a time, and the snorkeling time was 45 minutes. It was perfect, not too long, not too short. The morning water was cooler and the fish and coral were fantastic.

Our trip was 3 nights total and well worth it. It was so nice to be able to show my mom that not all of Mexico is border town looking and she remarked how pretty and pleasant everything was. Good food, good weather, good times.

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