Florida 2009 Vacation

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Day 1 - The Flight to Florida

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Our journey started out on Wednesday by taking a 9:30 am flight to Orlando, landing around 12:30 pm. We rented a car for the non-Disney portion of the trip, driving the hour and a half to Plant City where Grandma lives.

Ginger has had trouble traveling in the past -- we don't know if it's been nervousness or motion sickness or what, but usually the beginning of any of our trips includes a bout with nausea. But not this time! Praise God, Ginger felt fine the day of the flight and didn't have any problems during the trip!

Grandma looks great! Doesn't seem like she's changed at all in the 6 years since we last visited. She and her Dauschund, Missy, live on part of the 15 acres owned by Neil's aunt and uncle, Susan and Allen. Susan and Allen look great, too! They run an on-property kennel for dogs and board horses. They have 2 horses and 2 Brahma cows of their own, as well as 4 dogs: 3 whippets named Joey, Julie, and Jackie, and a large Catahoula named Daryl.

Dinner the first night consisted of a huge pot of greatly embellished jarred spaghetti sauce, angel hair pasta and salad. Susan's twin brother, Stuart also dropped by. It was really great to see everyone again and hang out the first night.