Florida 2009 Vacation

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Half Day - Back to Hollywood Studios

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This was our last day in Florida -- our airport shuttle was at 1:30 in the afternoon, so we had to do a lot of planning to make the timing work out between getting packed, checking out, visiting a park, eating lunch, and using up the rest of our dining plan credits. Since we had this fourth day on our park ticket plan, we though we might as well visit one of the parks again to get our money's worth, and use a table service meal credit at a nice restaurant! We decided to go back to Hollywood Studios. We wanted to ride The Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster again, so we got Fast Passes for the Tower, then spent 14 seconds in line at the Rockin' Roller Coaster. Afterward, our Tower of Terror passes saved us 20 minutes or so before riding it again.

We then met up with the gang again (Tom, Jenny, Travis, John, Sharon, and Ty) in front of the Star Tours ride where there was a live action Jedi training presentation with audience volunteers. What made the show for us was that Travis and Ty were selected to participate. Tom videoed the whole thing, beaming the entire time.

After the show, some of us went back to the Tower of Terror to ride yet again, since Tom and Jen hadn't been on it yet. Then we had to be off for an early lunch before heading back to the hotel to check out and get to the airport.

Some advice and tips if you're planning a Disney vacation:

  • For any and all sit-down restaurants on the Disney property, reserve your lunches and dinners months in advance if you hope for more than just quick service cafeteria style meals.
  • Florida is HOT, so take plenty of outfits because you really can only wear each shirt once, unless you don't care what you smell like.
  • We suggest staying on property due to the convenience of having easy transportation from the hotel to the parks and busses from one park to another.
  • The meal plan is a great option for those who like a little more than just a ham sandwich for lunch or dinner. If you plan to eat Disney food, you will truly save money with the plan.
  • The Park Hopper option can be added to your admission tickets. This option allows you to go to multiple parks on the same day. For us, this was an excellent choice since we wanted to see Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios on the same day. If we'd had more vacation days, we would have taken even more advantage of this option.
  • There are loads of kids and adults looking around with dazed, lost looks, stopping suddenly in front of you, and changing direction suddenly. Outfit yourself with a good layer of patience when you step out of your hotel room.

This was a really fun vacation. It was great to see family again and great to get over to thrills at the Disney parks. While we don't need to go to Disney again for a very long time, I'm sure we'll be back to visit grandma again sooner than later.