Florida Vacation - May 20-22, 2011

In May, Ginger's work sent her to a Wednesday-Friday conference for the US Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association in Orlando. So Neil decided to take a day off work and fly to Florida to meet her and then spend the weekend visiting family and and going to the beach. As we did back in 2009, we stayed with Neil's Grandma on Uncle Allen and Aunt Susan's farm near Plant City. It was great to hang out, relax, and pet the horses and dogs.

On Saturday, we took the middle of the day to make the 45-minute drive to St. Petersburg, where we spent about 3 hours at the beach. After an early afternoon lunch, we went in search of ice cream and found the nearby Larry's Ice Cream & Gelato Café. Expensive, but oh so good.

On Sunday, we went computer shopping... Neil's aunt and uncle were in search of a new computer, which Neil was happy to help scout out. Visiting Best Buy and a couple other places, the trip evolved into looking into an entire array of digital media, including printers, cameras, LCD TVs, and DVD burning capabilities. At the end of the day, it was time to say bye and return to Orlando to get the flight back. Just so happened that the DFW airport was closed for an hour or so during the flight, which means we had to be rerouted to New Orleans to refuel. We finally landed around 12:30 am and got home well after 1:00. Despite the little adventure on the return flight, it was a great trip overall.

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