France Vacation: September 2019

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Upon hearing so much French being spoken on our U. K. Holiday in 2017, Ginger knew our next trip had to be to France itself. We have found Rick Steves' guide books to be our favorite, so after reading and researching where to go, we decided to stay in Paris just long enough to get a day trip to Versailles and Giverny, then take a grand tour visiting Bayeux, Avignon, and Marseille before rounding back to Paris in the end. No trip is without its "adventures" and this one certainly had a few. The French, more particularly Parisian transportation workers, love to strike. It has become so bad that the government has mandated that, while they can strike, they must schedule their tantrums months in advance, keep main transportation lines running, give notice to the public, and only strike for one day. Dealing with these and other curve balls is part of the fun of travel. Good times, good friends, and good sites all made for a great trip.

Ready for your own virtual vacation to France? Well, here you go...