France Vacation: September 2019

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Tuesday, September 10 - Off to France

Our flight wasn't till 3:45 pm, but of course we wanted to get to the airport in plenty of time and make sure we were relaxed enough, so we both took the day off work to prepare. A friend got us to the airport a couple hours before our flight, so we settled in to wait for boarding. The flight wasn't completely full, and our travel agent Mischelle had done a brilliant move — booking our seats in a row of three; our seats were a window and aisle, with one left in between. The idea was that the empty seat between us was pretty undesirable, one of the least likely to be picked by anyone choosing a seat close to departure... and if someone did claim it, it would be easy to just switch one of our seats with them so that we'd sit together anyway. And the ploy worked like a champ - no one sat there, so we had a little extra space to spread out our stuff and even lie down partially for the condensed-overnight flight across the ocean.

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