France Vacation: September 2019

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Thursday, September 19 - Aix-en-Provence

Ginger has been wanting to visit Aix-en-Provence for as long as she can remember. It’s an easy distance with frequent trains and busses from Marseille so we jumped at the chance to make it a day trip. We got up a bit earlier than usual this day so we could make it to the Aix markets which shut down around 1:00 pm. We had our fill of breakfast and then headed for the shared Marseille train/bus station via the metro we’d figured out. Going up the hill to the station first thing in the morning trying to catch a bus at a particular time would have been a beating, so we were glad to be able to take the metro, hopping on at a station only 2 blocks from the hotel.

Photos from breakfast and the morning (15 images)

We made it a point to visit Aix on Thursday, the best market day per our guide book. We were not disappointed! The main avenue, "Cours Mirabeau" was lined with vendors, as were several of the side streets. After the markets, we (sort of) followed the city walk outlined in our book to hit the main highlights of the city. Aix is not big, so we were able see all that we wanted, including a Cathédrale Saint Sauveur and Eglise Saint-Jean-de-Malte, and score a savory lunch at La Crêp' Sautière. We were still make it back to Marseille at a decent time.

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Ginger's friend Annika from Germany just so happened to be in Marseille at the time! Seeing Ginger's Facebook posts, she messaged her, and sure enough, we arranged to meet after dinner. So after getting a meal form (where else?) Tombiq Döner near the port, watching fire jugglers for a while, and walking up and down Quai de Rive Nueve, we met Annika and the friend she was travelling with at a little restaurant, having some drinks and chatting till almost midnight!

Photos from the evening in Marseille (15 images)

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