Hawaiian Vacation: October 2013

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Monday, October 14 - Day 4 on Oahu

On our last nearly full day, we were able to take our time and hit some sights we thought we might have to miss. Our first stop for the day was at Manoa Falls. Mosquitos thrive here and it's quite lush, humid, and muddy, but the trail is beautiful as well as the falls themselves.

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Not far down the road, you can get to Kapena Falls. Off Highway 61 there's a sign for Scenic Overlook; the overlook itself actually gives you a view of a dilapidated Asian style temple and cemetery, but to get to the falls, we had to park at the overlook pull off and backtrack on foot about 500 feet. We climbed over the guardrail and carefully walked down the steep path to the falls themselves.

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We the made our way out to the Dole Plantation, 45 minutes or so Northwest of Honolulu on Highway 99 out toward the North Shore. Tours and a train ride are available, but we just shopped in the giftshop and Ginger got lunch. The teriyaki burger combo meal was reasonably priced and actually good. One of the main attractions at the Dole Plantation is the Pineapple Garden Maze, which Dole claims to be the largest in the world, or at least they ambiguously say that the Guiness Book of World Records declared it to be the largest in 2008, which may or may not still be true. Anyway, after strolling around the Dole grounds, we planned to make a loop around the whole rest of the island, up the North Shore and all the way down Highway 83 along the East coast. But, we had to turn back when we got bogged down in stop-and-go traffic approaching the North Shore on the two-lane highway with no end in sight.

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We did manage a stop at Haleiwa Beach Park, which was pretty close by, in Haleiwa, whch claims it's a "historic city". We stopped at the beach, and while there was a large tour bus of Japanese visitors and a simple WWII memorial pillar, we as of yet are still unable to tell why exactly the town is designated as "historic".

Not wanting to actually run out of gas, we got a single gallon in Wahiawa and then continued back toward Honolulu. Being the castle lovers we are, besides having a couple hours to kill, we stopped and take a look at Iolani Palace in the heart of Honolulu. We were able to walk the grounds and check out the gift shop in the nearby chapel building before our metered parking time ran out.

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We knew the rental return was not on airport property so it took us a bit of time to find exactly where to go, but we were successful of course.

Our flight out left about 6:30pm and was an overnight one. This time, it was only 6 1/2 hours as apparently we caught the jet stream. We found it nearly impossible to sleep on the flight, so upon arrival at home, we took a nice long nap before starting on the mountain of laundry.

Hmmm... we can't end a travel log with the word "laundry"... "awesome" would be a much better word, so here's a sentence to sum up the trip by saying it was quite awesome!

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