New York Vacation: September 2014

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Thursday, September 4 - NYC

Ginger knew she wanted to see Jimmy Fallon in person someday. We found out it's extremely difficult to get tickets to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but thanks to our friend Alexis, we also found out you could go to the monologue rehearsal for that night's show. We got our tickets about 6 weeks in advance and jumped through the required hoops to see the rehearsal.

After breakfast at the hotel, we hopped on the subway and headed toward Manhattan again, having already been familiar with the subway system from the day before. We took in some sights in the morning, including stopping in at Oren's Daily Roast for a morning coffee before heading to St. Patrick's Cathedral. Right across the street from St. Patrick's is Rockefeller Plaza, so we took some time to scout out where we needed to go to later in the day for the Tonight Show monologue rehearsal.

Photos from Thursday morning (15 images)

We walked lower and lower into Manhattan, visiting Grand Central Station, the New York Public Library, the Chrysler building, and various other locations before ending up at John's Pizzeria for lunch. After lunch, it was back to 30 Rock to get checked in for the monologue rehearsal; we had an hour or so to walk around before the rehearsal started.

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Only about 50 people are allowed but we did get to sit in the actual studio and indeed, see Jimmy himself. The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes, only about 25 or so during which Jimmy was actually in front of us. The show uses the audience reactions to the jokes to decide which ones will make the show that night. It was brief, but fun, and yes, Ginger did get a t-shirt. (Sadly, the flying monkeys were no longer available.) Want tickets? Go here.

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In the evening, we took the subway North to the middle of Central Park... well, we actually accidentally got on the Express which took us non-stop all the way past Central park to 125th Street, so we had to get the Southbound Local to get to our desired stop.

Dinner was at Hale & Hearty, a place which serves soups and sandwiches and and makes custom salads right in front of you.