New York Vacation: September 2014

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Friday, September 5 - Liberty & Ellis Islands

On this day of the trip we took the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island boat tour. We found out the tours going all the way to the crown were already sold out well in advance, so opted for the "pedestal only" tour on Liberty Island, along with free time at Ellis Island. We booked our tickets plenty in advance through Our tour began at Battery Park (Officially, "The Battery") on the Western side of the end of Manhattan where we caught our tour boat. We were first taken to Liberty Island where we had free time to explore the area and go up into the pedestal area of the statue herself. You can take the stairs or the elevator, and of course we took the 195 stairs. Once you recover from "jello legs" the views are great.

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Then it was back down and back onto the boat to head over to Ellis Island. The boat dropped us off to wander at our leisure. While we did not take a guided tour or audio tour, there are plenty of plaques, displays, and exhibits to read and enjoy. After a short time it was back to the boat and back to Battery Park.

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We wanted to eat lunch at the famous Katz's Delicatessen, so we headed to the lower east side. Even at 3:00 in the afternoon, it was so jam-packed that you could hardly turn around or find a spot to look at the menu... and they want $18.00+ for a sandwich. That's right, a sandwich consisting of meat and bread for $18.00+. That was enough to drive us down the street where we found satisfactory pizza at Famous Ray's. $10.00 for both of us... that's more like it.

Then it was off to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange... it was refreshingly calm and quiet there because the streets ware blocked off, closed to vehicle traffic. After an afternoon nap back at the hotel, we headed out toward Manahattan again. We pretty much just walked around a few blocks near Times Square, and found a great place for dinner at Europan Cafe. In addition to the sandwiches and salads, we made note of the dessert selections too in case we wanted to stop by later. Indeed, after walking around a bit more, we decided to go back -- their cheesecake, chocolate cake, and macchiato did not disappoint.

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