New York Vacation: September 2014

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Saturday, September 6 - Circle Line cruise and WTC

Ginger knew about the Circle Line tours and also that the "semi-circle" was plenty long enough. We booked our Landmark Cruise tickets through Our tour began at 11:30 but we had to be at the boat 45 minutes in advance. We got to the launching spot, Pier 82, around 10:00, having plenty of time to walk around, admire the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier parked next door, and talk with some fellow dog owners at the pet playground for a few minutes.

Photos of Pier 83 (15 images)

Unfortunately, it was super hot, and sitting in the direct sun on a rocking boat deck wasn't the best start to our tour. Ginger actually left her seat to stand/sit in the shade until the tour start, even though the sea-sickness had already begun to set in.

The tour, for those who don't tend to get sea-sick, is a great way to see some of the best city sights. The boat takes you by 15 or more points of interest, including the Chelsea Piers, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, lower Manhattan, Governor's Island, Brooklyn, the United Nations, and the famous bridges (Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg), while a guide announces the sights over the speaker. Our tour guide was great and really knew his stuff -- the past, present, and even the plans for the future.

Photos of the Circle Line tour (outbound) (24 images) Photos of the Circle Line tour (return) (17 images)

After the tour, Ginger immediately paid the exorbitant fee of $4 for a Sprite to settle her stomach, knowing it was either that, or a very quick end to the day.

Upon recovery and some lunch, we decided to visit the area around the World Trade Center and check out the 9/11 memorial. Then it was off the High Line, a pretty cool park (yes, including grass and trees and benches and stuff) that is built all the way down several blocks of the raised platform where a train once ran.

Photos from Saturday afternoon (10 images) Photos of the High Line (9 images)

We took a bus from the Chelsea Piers at the West edge of the island across Manhattan and down to China Town. Walking North through China Town takes you right into Little Italy, and we decided to get some dinner at Paesano's of Mulberry Street: pizza, and of course cheesecake and coffee for dessert!