New York Vacation: September 2014

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Sunday, September 7 - From NYC to Ithaca

On Sunday, the only thing we had scheduled was to pick up our rental car in Midtown Manhattan and to drive to Ithaca. Neil took off on his own to go get some "real" coffee after breakfast, and then joined Ginger to check out of the hotel and get the subway toward Midtown. Now that was an adventure. If you are not of strong will and quick judgment, do not drive in the city. You might die. You should also be sure you have a very small car that has great acceleration.

Photos of New York City (5 images)

Neil successfully dodged, veered, and accelerated our way out of the city and we were on our way upstate. Ithaca is about 4 hours northwest of the city. The New York countryside is beautiful, mile after mile of huge farms mixed with large, undeveloped forest areas. We took several scenic routes which took us through some quaint small towns, and we do mean small. While the surface area of Ithaca is quite large, the most developed part of the city itself is actually pretty small.

Photos of Ithaca (4 images)

It should also be noted that if you’re planning on driving in New York and using your GPS on your phone, you may want to buy an extra gig or so due to the rather poorly indicated and confusing highway signs and changes of direction required.

After some dinner and a short visit to nearby Cass Park, we stopped in at Wegman's (which is quite the supermarket, one of a regional chain based near Rochester) for some groceries -- we knew we wanted some apples and bananas and other kinds of snacks since we'd be hiking the trails in the state parks for the next few days. Then it was back to the hotel -- we stayed at a Fairfield Inn again and enjoyed the dynamically less stressful atmosphere of Ithaca and its surroundings.