New York Vacation: September 2014

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Monday, September 8 - In and Around Ithaca

Ginger unfortunately came down with something and we had to find a doctor in our network. Just so you know, if you're in the Ithaca area, the Gutherie Medical Group is great. Upon filling the antibiotic prescription at the local Target, we were on our way.

One very valuable piece of information the doctor told us about the area is that once you pay the entrance fee to one of the state parks, it's good for any park for that day. We had budgeted funds for each park.

Ithaca and the surrounding area is known for its waterfalls. Several months before our trip, Ginger has the tourism department send us several brochures and maps, so we consulted one of them to plan our trip around the area for the next few days.

Just outside of downtown, tiny Treman Triangle Park has the head of a trail that leads up Cascadilla Gorge, a short but steep 1/2 mile hike up to Cascadilla Falls.

Photos of Cascadilla Gorge (11 images)

Cornell University is just Northeast of downtown Ithaca, and in fact, we parked on campus and walked through the campus to get to some of the falls listed. Cornell has some great architecture and it was nice to see the campus so often referred to by Andy Bernard in The Office. Fall Creek Gorge runs right through the campus, and in some places the way to get from one building to the next is by crossing a footbridge over a 100-plus-foot chasm with spectacular views of the waterfalls.

Photos from around Cornell (18 images) Photos of Fall Creek Gorge (21 images)

After walking around Cornell for a while, we found the State Street Diner downtown for lunch, then visited another nearby sight called Businessman's Lunch, a waterfall on Six Mile Creek at an old mill -- a few places in the area used to harness the power of the water for various purposes like mill work and generating electricity.

Photos of Businessman's Lunch (7 images)

Ludlowville Falls is a short drive away in the nearby Town of Lansing. Late in the afternoon we drove out there and spent some time climbing up on the top of the falls and taking pictures from down below.

Photos of Ludlowville Falls (8 images)

Another sight we wanted to see was nearby Lick Brook Falls, not really in any park, but just off a couple of rural roads. It was getting toward dark, so we kind of guessed at how far we could go down the trail before we ran out of daylight, knowing that we had to climb back up however far we went down. We saw a couple falls from the side of the gorge, but we didn't ever get to anywhere particularly scenic because of the impending darkness and thick forest. After realizing that we were getting close to a road or something down below, Neil actually dropped some pins on his Google Maps app on his phone to mark where we'd been. We met a couple on the way back up who told us where to park off Highway 13 and how to take a trail over an old railroad bridge to a waterfall they said was quite spectacular. We nicknamed this place "Missing Falls" since we were close and wanted to make a point to go back and find it.

Searching for ice cream places, we were found Purity Ice Cream, a very popular and highly rated local icon of Ithaca. We decided to stop in for dessert before dinner -- hey, this was vacation! We decided to try Ithaca Coffee Company for evening coffee, and were very satisfied.

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