New York Vacation: September 2014

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Friday, September 12 - More State Parks

We had two parks left on our list. We started the day with Fillmore Glen State Park near the town of Morovia, about 30 minutes tot he Northeast of Ithaca. This park's layout is basically a single trail going back and forsh across the creek over a total of 9 bridges. We spent a good amount of time there, covering the park in two stages, due to sections of the trail being closed. After promenading to our hearts' content in the lower section (as far as we could go on the lower trail), we drove up the hill to visit the other bridges. In Filmore Glen there was an area called the "Cowsheds". While we aren't sure why it's called that, since there were neither cows nor sheds, it is definitely a fall not to be missed -- not super tall, but the volume of water rushing over the edge was quite a sight.

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I guess you could say that we saved the best for last, in a way. Taughannock Falls (pronounced tuh-GAN-ick) is kind of the gem of the area, a very picturesque single-drop waterfall whose claim to fame is that it's 3 stories taller than Niagara Falls. Taughannock Falls State Park offers access to it from multiple directions -- from the lower park entrance, you hike up a half mile or so to the base of the falls to look up at it; from the upper park entrance you can take a trail down along the gorge which offers through-the-trees views. Or you can park at a designated scenic overlook in the middle, which offers a straight-on across-the-gorge view from an elevation about even with the top of the falls. Of course, we did all three to get the full experience.

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