New York Vacation: September 2014

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Saturday, September 13 - Back to NYC

In homage to one of our favorite shows, "The Office", we decided to drive through Scranton, Pennsylvania on our way back to the city. We didn't stop anywhere, because there's not really anything in Scranton that appears in the show, even though it's set there. We'd just have to say "look, there's Steamtown Mall" or "Poor Richard's is in there", without visiting the place that was really in the show. So, driving through town was enough for us. Our driving day turned out to be well-timed again, because it rained on us much of the way, better while driving than while hiking! Stopping in the Poconos in the town of East Stroudsburg for coffee and a rest stop, we were back on the road after noon, and through New Jersey and arriving in New York City by 2:00 or so.

We successfully navigated the highways but due to our path, had to cross two toll bridges on this trek. The George Washington Bridge, crossing from New Jersey into New York, carries a toll of a whopping $13, then we crossed another that cost us another $7.50.

Our second harrowing city driving experience involved, of course, returning the rental car. After checking in to the hotel and leaving our bags, we set off toward Manhattan where we were to drop off the car and spend the rest of the afternoon. It seems drivers were especially pushy on this day but we made it, barely unscathed, to the return area.

We walked around the Port Authority Bus Terminal's mall-like promenades, and loaded up our transit passes with enough money to cover our rides for the rest of that day and the next. It was raining which dampened our spirits but we trudged on, Ginger a bit unwillingly, walking around until a reasonable dinner time, revisiting Times Square, Rockefeller Center (including the Lego store), and a long stretch of 5th Avenue along the way. We locked in on Hale & Hearty again for dinner, and stopped again at Europan for dessert before heading back to the solace of our hotel.

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