New York Vacation: September 2014

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Sunday, September 14 - First the Cloisters, then Home

We had a few hours to kill in the morning before our flight and decided to see the only thing we'd missed when we were previously in the city. We checked out of the hotel but left our bags and headed to The Cloisters museum, which is a component of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This museum is housed in a recreated medieval style castle-like building which houses, yep, you guessed it, medieval art and architecture. The collection is amazing, and what really got Ginger excited about visiting this museum was that the central garden area is modeled after Mont Saint-Michel in France. (If you were to ask Ginger what her favorite place in the world is, she would immediately reply Mt St Michel.) After losing track of each other several times in the museum, we wound our way back down the park hill to the subway station, catching the train back to the hotel.

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With our bags in hand, it was off to the airport. Our gate was D5, but no, that is not in terminal D. If you ever fly in or out of LaGuardia, just know the gate letter does not indicate the terminal. Instead, go to the terminal for your airline and get to your gate from there.

We were very ready to get home. A gentleman in our row on the plane passed out briefly during our taxi time on the runway but thankfully it was not a severe enough incident to merit returning to the gate. Thanks to Ginger's mom picking us up, we arrived safely at home to three very excited doggies.

When asked where Neil wanted to go next, he said "Greece". Now that's going to take some planning!