U.K. Holiday: April 2017

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We decided to take on Great Britain for our "big trip" of 2017. After reading the Rick Steves' Great Britain 2017 travel book cover to cover, Ginger contacted our favorite travel agent, Mischelle, at Primo Travel Services. Our trip was a whopping thirteen nights and we saw a visited a different city almost every day!

We were ready for cold and rain, but were pleasantly surprised to experience partly sunny and dry weather almost the entire trip!

One of our objectives was to see countryside abbeys that had fallen into disrepair; another was to visit castles; and another was to see as many cities as we could possibly cram into our time frame. As with any vacation, not everything was 100% smooth, but that adds to the adventure, right!?

Are you ready for your whirlwind virtual tour? Here we go!