U.K. Holiday: April 2017

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Wednesday, 12 April - On to York

Up at 6, packed up and to breakfast by 6:40. Got continental breakfast, checked out shortly after 7 for a 7:15 taxi. Train station by 7:45 for 8:02 train to Bristol. So far so good....

On this day we had an 8am train to get us on our way to our next city: York. So we got up at 6:00 and were packed up and to breakfast by 6:40, then checked out shortly after 7 for a 7:15 taxi to the train station for an 8:02 train to Bristol.

But the train to Bristol took way more than the 10 min it was supposed to take, had to sit on the tracks for a few minutes while they separated some cars, and sat a couple more minutes as we approached Bristol. Crowded, so getting off at 8:26 took a couple minutes, then a couple more to get to another platform, and we literally missed our 8:30 by 5 seconds. We ran up as the doors were closing and saw the “tisk-tisk” expression on the platform employee's face. Luckily, trains ran to York about every hour, and we were able to hop on the next train with next to no problem. Since we had an hour, we went to the ticket counter to see what to do about seating on the next train. We ended up with two £5 vouchers for food and drink, so we got a free coffee and bacon sandwich out of it.

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The ride to York was just fine, and we had time to plan the rest of our day in York, thanks to included wi-fi on the train. Upon arrival at York, we first got our train tickets to Durham for the next day and then walked 10 minutes to our hotel, the Guy Fawkes Inn. Do you know the Guy Fawkes legend?

Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, Treason & Plot
We see no reason why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot

Our room at the inn was the actual room where he was born, and it turned out that our stay overlapped his birthday!

After dropping our bags we set out to explore the town, starting the walking route laid out by Rick Steves in his guide book, taking us to the major attractions. On the grounds of the Yorkshire Museum in the Museum Gardens, there was a conservation demonstration where for a £3 you could hold a bird of prey on your arm. Seeing the owls, Ginger jumped at the chance. This was also yet another chance to see the remains of another abbey. There isn't much left of St. Mary's Abbey except one long wall and a doorway, but interesting nonetheless. Continuing our walk we passed the Multangular Tower, then King's Manor up to York Minster, with a stop for gelato and coffee en route. Photos of York in the afternoon (28 images)

At York Minster we had quite a while to see the inside in detail, and paid the extra few pounds to go up what seemed like a thousand stairs up into one of the spires to get views of the town from the roof. The scenery was great but it was very, very windy.

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After our descent, we continued our walk going toward The Shambles. The Shambles was mentioned in literature from the time of William the Conqueror, but the street that is seen today is what was rebuilt around 1400. Originally a row of butcher shops, it's now some touristy shops selling shoes, fudge, woolen goods, etc. It's a short and extremely narrow street but has nice character with its plaster and wood structures.

On our walk, which included going around Clifford's Tower of the York castle, we saw a board for Buy 1 Get 1 Free burgers at a place called Kennedy's, and made a mental note. After we finished our walk of the town, we indeed had burgers at Kennedy’s. They were tasty, and who can beat B1G1F!?

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