U.K. Holiday: April 2017

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Thursday, 13 April - Side trip to Durham, York city walls

We added Durham as a destination based upon a recommendation from one of Ginger's friends who grew up there. Rising at 7:00 and to the train station by 9:30, we made our way to Durham.

Photos from the morning (5 images)

Again, we elected to take the tour book walk to get the lay of the city. Wandering down some historic streets and through the arcade led us right to the front of Durham Cathedral, the city's crowning jewel. The cathedral houses the Shrine of St Cuthbert and was founded around 1093. It's so grand, it's been designated a UNESCO Heritage Site. The expansive Palace Green is between the cathedral and the castle. Since the Cathedral had a service going (Maundy Thursday), we decided to do the castle tour first. Visitors are only allowed in with guided tours; we had 45 min to till the next one, so we walked around more first, along the river for a bit.

Photos from around Durham (16 images)

Back at the castle, the tour didn't take us to much of the castle, but was detailed and our guide covered a lot of the history. A good bit of Durham castle is not old, some of it dating back only to 1800s though it's said there was a structure on the site back in the 11th century. Most of it is currently used for student housing, study halls, and private events for the University College of Durham.

Photos of Durham Castle (13 images)

After the castle tour, we spent some time visiting the cathedral. Curiously, photography was not allowed inside, so you'll have to take our word for it that it was quite nice!

Photos of Durham Cathedral (12 images)

Then it was time for a scone and a coffee from the market on the way back to the train, and we were back in York around 4:00.

A couple photos of the train ride (2 images)

We made a stop at the hotel, then were off again, to walk around as much of the city wall as we could - we covered the east, south, and west sections. After going (what was now) across town to the train station to get our tickets for the next day, it was off to find Drake's Fish & Chips for dinner (Neil had a chicken and mushroom pie). Then, back to the hotel for the night.

Photos of walking around York in the evening (27 images)