U.K. Holiday: April 2017

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Friday, April 14 - On to Edinburgh

Up again at 7:00, and having had breakfast at 8:00, we checked out of the hotel and were off toward train station just before 9:00, giving us plenty of time before our 9:30 train. The ride to Edinburgh was about 2 hours, during which we shared 4-seats-around-a-table with a guy and girl travelling together, and we conversed with them mostly about traveling.

Photos of the trip to Edinburgh (7 images)

We arrived in Edinburgh just before noon. Knowing that Edinburgh was a bigger city than some others on our itinerary, we decided to find the local bus station to survey our options. We guessed to go North out of train station to get to the bus station. Oops, that was for regional/tour busses, not for city busses. So, back to train station. After asking someone in a tourist/travel center, we discovered that if we would have guessed South we would have hit it in 100 yards. Oh well. We ended up getting 3 day passes (since they were cheaper than even 3 bus rides each day), which look like lottery scratch offs -- you scratch off the month, day, and year and then use that ticket for all the local busses for the day.

We stayed at the Murrayfield Hotel and House. We were a bit concerned that it would be too far from the city center, but when we found out the bus stop in either direction was a 1 minute walk from the hotel and busses ran about every 15 minutes, so we were put at ease. Passes in hand, we took the bus to our hotel, dropped off our bags, and planned the rest of our day. Setting out again around 2:00, we took a bus back to the city center where we again did another tour book walk. We had decided to take in the castle on another day, so we walked around the central part of the city by the Scott Monument, honoring Sir Walter Scott, and perused Jenner's Department Store, by St. Andrew Square, to George Street before making our way over to The Royal Mile. Why is it called the Royal Mile, you ask? It's because on one end at the top of the hill is Edinburgh Castle, and at the other, The Holyrood Palace, both "royal" places, and the distance between them is a mile. We walked down the Royal Mile, stopping in a few shops. We found the book-recommended baked potato shop and got dinner take-away style; there was nowhere in the entire city where there wasn't any wind, so we downed our dinner quickly in the cold in between a couple buildings. After stopping by the Holyrood Palace, across from the Scottish Parliament building, we were done for the day.

Photos of walking around Edinburgh (55 images)

We found a nearby bus stop, but discovered it was not presently in service (finally read a notice posted on the glass), so walked to next stop, where we caught one bus after just a few minutes to the city center, then changed to the next bus which took us to the hotel.