U.K. Holiday: April 2017

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Wednesday, April 19 - From Stirling to Inverness

We got up after 7:00 and went down to breakfast a little after 8:00 - Neil found the fancy drink machine and made a nice double espresso - better than the filter coffee! Done by 8:45, we had time to relax for an hour before having to check out because our train (only a 10 min walk to the station) was later, at 10:37.

The ride to Inverness was uneventful, but interesting: the terrain changed quite a bit from the rolling green and yellow farmed fields in the South to the scrubby, brown rocky landscape, even with some snow capped peaks, up North.

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We arrived in Inverness after 2:00 and were glad that our hotel was literally right next to the train station. However, check in time not until 3:00, so we stowed our bags, got lunch & coffee at a nearby shopping center, and stopped in a few shops as we made our way up to the castle. This castle is not like the others we encountered on or trip, pretty un-interesting by comparison. It was rebuilt in the 1830s and is the seat of the courts and other judiciary offices for the area, so there's no tour. You could get a special guided tour if you broke the law and went to trial, but we decided against that. We went back and checked into hotel after 3:30. About 4:00, started "walk" as described in our book, which took us down to the River Ness and past the castle before going over the Bouncy Bridge and past Old High Church. And of course, we had to stop for gelato!

We needed to get some provisions for our lunch Thursday and Friday since we were taking all day tour excursions. Thankfully we got to the M&S Food Store just 5 minutes before closing. We did a mad dash for crisps, carrots, and some mixed nuts. After dropping off the food at the hotel, we walked around some more, going further South past the castle along the Ness, across the Infirmary Bridge and past St. Andrew's Cathedral before returning to the city center. We tried another doner kebap place and when we were served, realized we should have split one. We simply couldn't throw what we couldn't finish away, so we got a new box and gave it to a homeless guy. Back to the room at almost dark, we got stuff ready for the Skye tour for the next day. And as a bonus, Neil found the Monaco-Dortmund UEFA Champions League game on one of the TV channels.

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