Washington State Vacation: May 2015

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Thursday, May 14 - Seattle and Red Sox Game

Our flight out of DFW was at 11:55. A 4-hour flight, along with the 2-hour time change, got us into Seattle at about 2:00. After walking quite a ways we got to the ticket kiosk for the Link Light Rail which would take us to to University Station, the closest stop to our hotel. We went ahead and bought our transit tickets for that night, which we'd use for going to the game at Safeco Field later on. We stayed in the hospital district as the hotels in downtown proper were out of our desired price range. The Inn at Virginia Mason is generally for family and friends of hospital patiets but they book rooms for general guests as well. The walk from the train station to the hotel was up 6 blocks from 3rd Ave to 9th Ave... yep, UP 6 avenue-blocks, ~140 ft elevation change — something we didn't realize when we booked the hotel. No wonder it was $100 or so less per night thatn the ones closer to the water!

After chilling at the hotel for a bit and planning our evening, we set out. We stopped to get evening coffee along the way at Cherry Street Coffee House, where Neil got a disappointing light roast coffee (he usually goes for dark roasts), and then found Delicatus "A Seattle Delicatessen", where we ate dinner. Walking North along the waterfront construction zone, to Pike Place Market we peroused the area and found Bottega Italiana, where Ginger got some fantastic watermelon gelato. We continued down to the waterfront beyond the construction for some pictures, then back up to Union Street to the University Station again to catch the train to Safeco Field.

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Upon getting off the train at Safeco Field, the walkway made us loop around a couple times even though the stadium was RIGHT THERE! But we did make it to our seats by first pitch, and enjoyed a good pitching matchup whereby a 1-1 tie was broken up by the Sox in the 9th inning against Fernando Rodney. After the game we, again, took the train back to University Station and, again, walked up the hill, which wasn't as bad this time without all our luggage.

Photos of the Red Sox game (34 images)