Washington State Vacation: May 2015

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Thursday, May 15 - Seattle, then to Forks

We checked out of the hotel in the morning, stowed our bags, and were off to breakfast as Sweet Iron, which makes fresh waffles with a sweet batter — tasty, but overpriced for the portions. Neil got coffee almost right next door at Pegasus Coffee Bar, thankful to get a nice Moka Java rather than having to settle for a South American selection.

We took some pictures around downtown, particularly of the library and courts building, then made our way to the Pike Place market. We indeed saw the guys throw the fish, but were apparently there too early for a good many of the vendors as most of the shops were not yet open. However, the main concorse was busy, and Ginger bought some chocolate raspberry pasta. There were also vendors and artists along the street selling various goods and Ginger picked up some handmade glass marbles to make into pendants. We saw the original Starbucks as well, didn't get anything — after all, you can get Starbucks coffee anywhere, right? We continued to explore by walking along the waterfront to the Olympic Sculpture Park.

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By that time we needed to head to the Space Needle to meet Ginger's college friend, Lindley, for lunch. We had some time, but not much, and considered going to the top of the needle. But it's $21 per person, with an unknown wait time, so we decided against it. We meandered around the area and saw the outside of the EMP Museum and the Chuhuly Garden and Glass Museum. In one of the shops Neil got a t-shirt, which was sold to him by a man from Conroe, Tx. Small world! We met Lindley for lunch at noon and went to the Chuhuly Garden Cafe.

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After a charming lunch, Lindley was off to her daily routine. We walked around the area a bit more, and Ginger paid a visit to Gelatiamo while Neil backtracked a couple blocks for afternoon coffee at Seattle Coffee Works. Then it was back up to the hotel to get our bags, then back down the hill to the train station to go to the airport to pick up our rental car. Our selection of a Chrysler 200 was based mostly on the availabilty of a USB port in the vechicle, and because a Nissan Altima was in a different class than what our reservation was for.

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Every city metroplex says its traffic is terrible, and in the Seattle-Tacoma case, they're right. After crawling south around the bottom of Puget Sound, then West through Tacoma, the traffic finally cleared on the way up north toward Bremerton. We weren't really hungry for dinner by the time we got to Port Angeles, but it was past 7:00 and it was time for evening coffee. There also are not a lot of choices in Forks, which was still about an hour and a half away, so when we wound up at Common Grounds for Neil's coffee, and found that they had food, we decided to get a couple sandwiches to go.

After 9:00pm, in the dark and the mist, we got to the Misty Valley Inn Bed and Breakfast. We got a short tour and an interview about what we wanted for breakfast the next morning from Jim, one of the owners, then turned in for the night.

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