Washington State Vacation: May 2015

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Thursday, May 16 - Cape Flattery, Lake Ozette

We received our wake-up tray about 7 am (9am DFW time), then for breakfast, Neil had Irish waffles w/ pecans & walnuts. Ginger chose the spiced pears and Apple souffle.

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We found out you needed a Recreation Pass to park and hike, and stopped at the Makah reservation administration, but it was deserted. So we pressed on to our first stop, the most Northwestern point in the contiguous USA, Cape Flattery. The hike: not long or particulary difficult, the views: amazing.

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On our way back, we stopped at the museum where got pass that we had tried to get earlier, and noticed information about the Shi Shi (shy shy) trail. Putting our pass to good use, we followed the directions and started on the trail toward Shi Shi beach. Along the way, after what seemed like a long time, we realized the trail distance listed was only one-way and that the trail itself was not a loop, but since we'd gone so far already, it was too late to turn back without seeing something of worth. More than halfway to the beach, the trail became particularly difficult with ankle deep mud that we had to traverse by going a bit off trail, or by stepping on logs and scraps along the edges of the mud pits. One of the puddles even sucked the sole off one of Neil's old hiking boots. We didn't make it all the way down to the beach, but we did see the beach. Access to it meant descending almost straight down a cliff edge with the aid of a fixed rope. Ginger said, "No Way", though had Neil's shoes been intact, he would have gone on. It was worth the trek though, because we got to see what we now call Chocolate Bunny Rock.

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After drudging all the way back to the car, we got back on the road heading for Lake Ozette. The long hike necessitated a stop for ice cream for Ginger and a latte for Neil — we remembered seeing a little roadside shop called Cedar Shack Espresso in Neah Bay, so that's where we stopped. Due to being car sick, Ginger skipped lunch, but Neil munched on some of the snacks we'd brought from home. Ginger took the wheel and minute or two after the switch, Neil heard 'thunp thump' on the outside of the car. He doesn't know why, but he immediately looked around for his phone and realized the sound outside was probably it falling off the roof of the car when we switched drivers. Sure enough, back 100 yards or so, there it was, in the street, apparently run over. But hey, the SD card was still good so no pictures were lost.

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In the Lake Ozette area is a triangular trail with each side being about 3 miles. Based on our past hike times and distances, we knew we wouldn't be able to make all three sides, and if you made one, you basically had to make the other two. So instead, we walked around the lake area a bit and talked with some campers later as Ginger warmed her hands by their fire.

On the way back to Forks we stopped at the Thriftway for some groceries and batteries. Dinner was at Sully's Burgers. Once we got back to the Inn, we met Jax and Maya, the owner's dogs, and Ginger got covered in white fur from petting them for a good, long time. The Inn sets out some desserts each night, so of course we had to do our part! Finally, it was off to bed.

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