Washington State Vacation: May 2015

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Thursday, May 19 - the trip home

Not long after waking up, Ginger checked the flight time and saw that the flight left about an hour earlier than we had thought. So we quickly made our way to breakfast where Neil had waffles again and Ginger chose the apple souffle again. Our drive back Seattle was thankfully uneventful and the traffic was relatively light, so we made it to the airport rental car return and our departure gate in plenty of time. Neil did find himself some coffee, this time from Starbucks in the terminal.

Our three seat row allowed Neil to have a window seat, Ginger sat in the middle, and a very nice man sat in the aisle seat. We came to find out that about mid-flight it was the man's turn to hold the baby who was quite awake and became very fussy toward the end of the flight. However, his cries were not piercing, and we imagine we were all as bored as he was with being stuck on a plane, so we were able to sympathize and make it through.

Due to storms in Dallas, our flight had to get re-routed making us arrive about an hour later than we had anticipated. A hearty thanks goes out to Ginger's mom, who stayed up waaaay past her bedtime to pick us up at the airport and take us home.