The BMW 323i - October 27, 2007

Told from Ginger's perspective...

So what good may come of our Nissan Maxima being crashed? I’ve wanted a BMW for years. When we honeymooned in Germany and needed a car, we rented a BMW 316i . While I couldn’t drive it because it was a standard transmission, it was a sweet ride! I hadn’t test driven one myself until recently. We were thinking of replacing the Maxima with a lightweight truck but just for fun I looked up BMWs. I was astounded to see that a used BMW was priced comparably with used truck! I had no idea.

We did go test drive one, and saw many flaws in it. But test drove another, and loved it. I noticed that any that came online on Autotrader that fit our specs became a HOT seller. They only last a few days online before being sold. So, when I saw one online that looked promising, I called the dealership, RLB Auto Group, the day it was listed. Ok, well, maybe not the same day, but hey... The car wasn’t even ready to be seen by customers! It seems it had just arrived at RLB so I knew I had a chance to snag this one.

Because it had just arrived, it hadn’t even been looked over by RLB. We drove over to look at it, only to be told there was a miscommunication and it had been taken to the shop already. They brought it back so we could test drive it. It was niiiiiice. It looked great and hadn’t even been detailed yet! We tested everything we could think of, and noticed there was a chip with veins starting on the windshield, one window motor issue, and a couple other things. Because 2 similar models from other places sold right out from under us, we put a deposit down on this one to hold it.

We picked up the car Saturday, October 27 and it was ours! WooHoo!

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