Cody & Rölf - 11/26/03 - 4/26/08

A friend of ours was moving to Florida to get married and didn't want to take her parakeet with her. And, since Neil was thinking that getting a bird would be cool, we decided to take him off her hands. After a short 3 weeks, Cody got away. We left his cage out on the patio on a really windy day, and the cage fell, popping open and setting Cody free. We wish him the best.

Saddened by the loss of our new friend, we decided to replace him (which would make use of the cage and bird seed we had acquired). We got a female blue parakeet, but she didn't take too well to her new environment. She threw up within 10 minutes of getting her home, and barely moved and never ate anything for two whole days. We took her back and decided to get two, since a single one seemed to be too lonely.

So in November of 2003, we got Rölf, a bright blue active guy, and his friend Cody, gunmetal-grey and not quite so adventurous.

After having them for 4 1/2 years, we decided to give them up. A friend of Neil's from work was thinking about getting birds, so we started talking about giving Cody and Rölf to him. We liked them just fine, but weren't able to do much with them, since they needed to stay in their cage and not fly around, for fear that the dogs would go after them. Besides, their chirping tended to spoil weekend mornings and the quiet parts of movies.

So in April 2008, we packed them up and sent them off to their new home, where they're doing just fine.

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