Volunteering with Dallas Animal Services

We have been volunteering with Dallas Animal Services since 2006, working with them at various off-site events to help them get dogs adopted. We have worked several Home and Garden shows in Dallas and Fort Worth, and the Texas State Fair for the past three years.

The opportunity came up this year for Animal Services to have a booth at the Dallas Auto Show at the Dallas Convention Center, and they again were happy to have us on hand. The city employees themselves handle the adoption paper work, while volunteers like us take the dogs out of their cages to hold and show to people, and to take them outside to go potty.

This year Ginger worked for a few hours on Saturday (while Neil went car shopping, but that's a different story). We both were on hand for Sunday from about noon till shutting down time at 6:00 pm. About 10 dogs got new homes in the space of those two days!

View photos - dog adoptions at the Auto Show: February 22, 2009 (16 images)

Bonus: photos from inside the Auto Show (12 images)

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