Dog Agility Qualifying - September 11, 2005

We found out about a dog agility competition to be held in Fort Worth from an email Ginger received. After wandering in the car for awhile looking for the place, we finally called our friend Fred who could look up the information on the internet for us since he was home. We found the area of the competition, then found the correct building in the maze of buildings.

It turned out to be some kind of qualifying event or trial event but it was worth watching anyway. A few of the dogs were voluntarily removed from the course by their trainers because it became apparent they just weren't ready for competition yet. The hardest obstacle seemed to be the table. The dog had to jump onto the table, lie all the way down for five seconds, and then proceed. Some wouldn't lie down, some would, but then pop back up. There were all kinds of breeds out there and we had a good time watching. It's always fun to see dogs in action.

Photos of the qualifying (18 images)