European Vacation: March-April, 2010

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We did it, folks. Another successful vacation. As with our past European vacations (Honeymoon in 2003, Castle Tour in 2006), this was a power-tour. Weight loss due to large quantities of walking are standard for these trips and this one was no exception.

A standard seems to have emerged on our trips to Europe: visiting 3 cities in 1 1/2 weeks. This time we visited Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Lyon, France; and Barcelona, Spain. A friend of Ginger's from high school lives in Frankfurt - we were able to stay with her for two nights and tour the city and surrounding countryside. A sort-of-associate of Ginger's is living in Lyon, so we tapped into his knowledge of the area to help us with our tour of Lyon and nearby Vienne. Then it was off to Barcelona -- we don't know anyone there, but we know people who have been there and loved it, and we'd never been to Spain, so we made that part of our adventure.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with this opportunity.

Thank you Mischelle at All Destinations Vacations (now Primo Travel Services) for planning great vacations for us, again and again!

Thank you Annika and Frank for your gracious hospitality in Frankfurt!

Thank you Christopher and Veronica for dinner and showing us around Lyon!

Of course, just like in the past, we kept sort of a travel log and took plenty of pictures (over 1300 in total, whittled down to just over 1000 for this site), compiling a "virtual vacation" for you to enjoy.

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