European Vacation: March-April, 2010

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Sunday, April 4 - The Trip Home

On Easter Sunday, or fabulous vacation came to a close -- this was our travel day back home. We got up early, before 6:30, to get breakfast right when it opened at 7:00 and made the walk to Plaça Catalunya to catch the "Aerobus" to the airport. It was raining, but the bus was only 4 blocks away so we huffed it to the stop. On the bus, we met an American guy who, turns out, works in Djibouti, Africa and was meeting his family half way -- and halfway between there and the USA was Barcelona.

We had to fly a 1-hour Iberia flight aboard an Airbus A320 to Madrid, and then catch the 10 1/2-hour flight aboard an American Airlines 767 back to DFW. Got to the airport fine and to Madrid fine, and ultimately back home, Praise the Lord, just fine.

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