European Vacation: March-April, 2010

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Saturday, March 27 - Touring Frankfurt am Main

Ginger and Annika met in high school in Garland, Texas. They saw each other again when Ginger studied abroad, so it was time for another reunion. It was great to see Annika and meet Frank; it was Neil's first time to meet them both. Frankfurt is situated on the Main (pronounced "mine") River, near where it joins the Rhine; the area is called Rhine-Main, and the city's official name is "Frankfurt am Main", translated as "Frankfurt on the Main".

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Upon arrival in Frankfurt, Annika was there to meet us at the airport and drive us back to her place. After meeting Frank and having some tea, we took a nice, 3-hour nap. Getting up a little after noon, we had a delightful lunch of bread and butter, homemade weinerschnitzel (breaded beef fried in olive oil), and potato and cucumber salad. Then it was into town. We all got into the Mini Cooper and headed to the city center where we parked near the opera house and walked around the city. There are a lot of banks and important EU monetary buildings, which lends Frankfurt its nickname of "Bankfurt". We went looking at the architecture, visiting the Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus (or Dom Sankt Bartholomäus) that is shared by Protestant and Catholic followers, viewing some ancient Roman ruins, and getting kaffee and heiß, schokolade. At the Zeil, one of the major shopping areas, we walked around a mall that has reportedly the longest escalator of any European shopping mall, and at the electronics store "Saturn Electrico" Ginger even found a CD by Safri Duo that she'd wanted to get specifically while overseas so she didn't have to pay international shipping.

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We walked along and across the Main river, through park-like areas with jogging and biking trails, and got back to the car by nightfall. This was the last day before daylight savings time kicked in. Back at Annika and Frank's place, we had dinner consisting of Frank's homemade soup, bread, and sliced meat and cheese.

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