European Vacation: March-April, 2010

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Sunday, March 28 - Second Day in Germany, exploring the Taunus

We started this day with a drive out north of town into the Taunus mountains (really hills) to the Saalburg, a reconstructed Roman fort at an archaeological park which contains Roman ruins and also has some small museum exhibits throughout. This fort was one outpost along the Limes Germanicus, the border between the Roman empire and the Germanic tribes of the day, which was toward the end of the first century and for decades later until 260 AD when the fort was abandoned.

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From here, we continued to explore the countryside in the Hessenpark open air museum. Approaching the Hessenpark is a town square with food stands and shops (yes we got some bratwurst in the form of sandwiches with small rolls), and then down the path is a recreated medieval village. The Hessenpark itself is actually buildings from all over Germany that were taken apart and are being reassembled to mimic a medieval town as it would have been back in the day. The park also offers demonstrations of various trades such as blacksmithing, brick making, pottery, Church clocks, etc, on a given schedule should you wish to attend. There are actually plots where the timbers of houses yet to be reconstructed are found with each piece numbered and a picture of what the finished house or structure would look like upon completion. There are also some farm animals around and a variety of exhibits of typical medieval life scenes.

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From Hessenpark we drove up to the town of Kronburg, where we parked and walked a ways up the hill to Burgruine Falkenstein, a fortress once inhabited by roadside robbers, which gave a beautiful panoramic view of Frankfurt.

Finally after a full day of exploration and driving back to the city, it was dinner time. Our first choice, a restaurant in Annika and Frank's neighborhood, was closed, so we ended up eating dinner at a Thai restaurant, oddly enough, then headed back for bed.

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