The New Fence - March 2007

The fence in our back yard, separating us from our next door neighbors, had been rapidly deteriorating for some time. Throckmorton and Abby had something to do with it, scratching and jumping from time to time when Tucker, the big Chocolate Lab next door, was hanging around on the other side. We had made some makeshift patches with stacks of bricks, plywood, and chicken wire, but it wasn't going to hold for much longer. Our neighbor Jim knew it needed to be replaced as well, so he scouted out materials and we agreed to share the cost and the work.

The weekend of March 3-4, 2007, was the time to do the work. On Saturday, we tore the old slats and braces down (leaving the still-in-pretty-good-shape posts intact), and hauled them off in Jim's truck to the dumpster at his company near DFW airport. After two loads, the old fence was gone, and we picked up the new materials at The Home Depot - 24 treated 8-foot 2x4s, 150 6" pine slats, two boxes of large screws, and a box of 1000 nails for the rented nail gun.

On Sunday morning, the first thing to do was replace one post the Neil snapped off by tugging on it the day before - we had to dig out the bottom of the post, which was set in concrete, and set the new one. Then it was time to hook up the nail gun to Jim's compressor and go to town on the new slats. It only took 3 hours or so to get in all 142 (8 to spare!), including attaching the rails to the new post after it had set a while.

So by 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, it was safe to let the doggies out in the backyard again - for fear of them escaping (since our fence was down and the other side of Jim's yard is open to the street), they had been confined to the house except for being let out on their leashes for the duration of the project.

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