The New Fence (part II) - April 2013

The fence in our back yard, separating us from the neighbors behind us, had been in a state of disrepair for some time. It wasn't falling down or anything, but some of the rails and pickets were pretty rotten and we felt it was just a matter of time before stuff started falling apart. So we scouted out what was needed to do the repair, which was to remove the whole thing and replace it. We didn't know if the fence posts would need to be replaced or not, so for a couple weekends, Neil would go out and tear some pickets off and test the structural integrity. Much to our surprise and pleasure, only one fence post was bad (broke off at the ground), and the rest were solid.

The weekend of April 26-28, 2013, was the time to do the major work. Neil had gone to Lowe's and Home Depot in a few trips during the week to get most of the materials - a post, 33 2"x3" treated lumber rails, and 2 boxes of screws. We had borrowed a post hole digger, but borrowing or renting a nail gun wasn't working out, so we decided to just buy one. Every household needs a nail gun anyway, right?

So on Friday, Neil took the day off work, and Ginger didn't go in till the evening, so we started tearing out the old fence in the morning. Ginger broke down some torn-out fence panels while Neil made a last trip to Lowe's for the nail gun, nails, and 150 pickets. By late afternoon, all the materials were on site, the new post was in place, and the rails were up on the entire back side.

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On Saturday, we started on the pickets along the back, and then decided it was time to tackle the 11-foot section on the garage side that faces the street. The tricky part here was to make the all-important doggie lookout, about a 12"x16" cutout covered in wire mesh. So the rails needed to be positioned and pickets spaced appropriately, which took a couple of re-dos and more time than expected. But hey, by the end of the day, the side part was completed and about two thirds of the pickets were in place on the back.

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Sunday, Ginger put in an hour or so of work in the morning before going to work, and Neil finished up. The tricky part about the back section was that there's a tree growing right at the fence line, so some special railing considerations and picket cuts were needed to fashion a hole for the bottom of the tree trunk to poke through. By mid-afternoon, all the pickets were in, and the cleanup process was underway.

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As we could get to it, we disposed of the old fence. Fortunately, we are able to put such materials out for the regular trash pickup, so it was "just" a matter of de-nailing and cutting the old rails and pickets down to regulation lengths (in half would do) and bundling them up and carrying the bundles out to the curb. Two weeks and about 25 bundles later over the span of four trash pickups, the old fencing was gone and the back yard had returned to normal.