Florida Mini Vacation Day 1: 18 September 2022

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Sunday, September 18 - Day 1 in Orlando

Having flown in the night of Saturday the 17th, just in time to check into the hotel and get dinner, our vacation portion of the trip really started Sunday, The only thing we had planned for Sunday was to visit Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure theme park

Ginger had the best time ever looking at all the Jurassic Park set up. Universal did a fabulous job. There were plenty of photo op stops, a dino puppet show, and an interactive session with Blue! Ginger set her mind to ride the Velocicoaster and it was a real thrill. Even the 45 minute line didn't feel like 45 minutes because there were things to look at the whole way along the line. There were raptor statues, neat lights highlighting different symbols, and even a short film to watch before you actually got into the cards for the ride. Neil liked it so much he rode it twice!

We also strolled through the other areas of the park including Harry Potter World, Seuss Landing, and a sundry of other “lands”. Done with our tour of the park in the later part of the afternoon, we made our way back to our hotel. After a trip to the grocery store to stock up for the next day, we planned out our excursion to St. Petersburg.

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