Florida Mini Vacation Day 3: 20 September 2022

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Tuesday, October 20 - Day 3 in Florida, to the Lake House

On Tuesday, the only thing we had planned was to visit Neil's aunt and uncle at their lake house. Even though they live in Plant City, they have a small house on Lake Hatchineha, about an hour drive South of Orlando. We arrived just after noon for a relaxing afternoon.

The two whippets made the most of the extra hands available for petting and the tropical bird did a little dance for us. It was a relaxing time just to sit and talk with everyone, and Neil's uncle smoked a couple of racks of ribs for four hours or more, which made for quite a tasty early dinner!

We made it back to our hotel around dark, as the mini-vacation had come to a close. Neil left Wednesday mid-day to come back home; Ginger stayed through Friday for her conference.

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