France and Portugal Vacation: May 2023

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Due to our love of travel in Europe, and having missed a visit with Ginger's "host parents" (the family she lived with while studying for a year during college) on our last trip to France, we made plans to vacation again in France in the Spring of 2023. And this time, we wanted to visit more than one country; Ginger's friend Tracey now lives near Lisbon, Portugal, so we took the opportunity to visit her as well.

Though our anniversary was in March, we called this our 20th Wedding Anniversary trip, throwing in some extras to make it a little more special. Our hotels this time were the most luxurious we've stayed in during any of our European travels, and well worth it!

We started in Nantes, where we spent several happy hours with Michel and Monique, along with touring the city center, including the lush garden and famous castle (which was closed on a previous Nantes visit a few years ago). We then moved on to French cities in the West which we had not yet visited: Bordeaux and Toulouse. From Toulouse, we took a side trip to the majestic medieval walled city of Carcassonne. Then it was on to Portugal, basing in Lisbon with side trips to sites near the nearby town of Sintra. It was a joyful and fun journey with old friends, new sites, and good times.

Of course, we compiled a "virtual vacation" for you, complete with a travel log and photo galleries from each day! Ready for your own virtual vacation to France and Portugal? Well, here you go...