France and Portugal Vacation: 10 May 2023 - From Toulouse to Lisbon

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Wednesday, May 10 - From Toulouse to Lisbon

Wednesday was a major travel day, as we were scheduled to fly to Lisbon in the late afternoon. However, in true Neil and Ginger fashion, we didn't waste any time, having the hotel hold our bags and checking out after breakfast to see more sites. We ventured out to Église Saint-Aubin, a church that didn't just allow public entry anytime like most of them do, since the front gate was closed. We continued across the canal via a foot bridge and past the music hall La Halle aux Grains. We then realized we were right above a metro station, so we thought of what we may want to see that we had considered "out of the way" but was now accessible by train. Consulting our trusty downloaded offline map, we decided to journey onward to a large city park which included a lovely Japanese Garden section. We grabbed a bite for lunch in a garden café – a quiche and strawberry jam crepe made on site!

Photos from Wednesday morning (14 images) Photos from the Japanese garden (35 images)

It was time to head back to the hotel, just as the rain started up. We didn't really have time to wait out the rain because we had to get back to the hotel and to the airport. So we got pretty wet even though our umbrella shielded us somewhat. Not too bad all things considered, and we were able to dry off when we got back to the hotel. Unfortunately, there was a catch with our transport – after our scheduled ride was a no-show, we called and were informed that we should have called the day before to confirm. It all worked out okay – we ended up having the very helpful lady at the front desk call a taxi for us, and we arrived at the airport in plenty of time for our flight.

We and our baggage made it no problem to Lisbon. The airport area designated for private transfer pickup was a bit confusing, but we got it figured out and were whisked off to our hotel before too long.

Photos from the journey to Lisbon (15 images)

In Lisbon, our home-away-from-home was the Dear Lisbon Palace Chiado. This historical society listed building was nothing special outside, but gorgeous inside. Installation of an elevator was prohibited due to its historical significance, so three flights of stairs took us up to our room. Little did we know how many stairs we'd be climbing over the next few days! Based on a recommendation from a friend and seeing it on our way to the hotel, we went to dinner at Honest Greens with a short walk for dessert at Amorino Gelato.

One of thew reasons we picked Lisbon for this leg of our vacation is that Ginger's friend Tracey lives there! Ginger contacted her and made arrangements to meet the next day and take a train to Sintra, anearby town with some pretty significant sites. We were up for exploring just a bit even though it was getting dark, so we made a dry run to the Rossio train station a short distance from the hotel, and scouted out somewhere to get groceries as well.

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