France and Portugal Vacation: 14 May 2023 - The Journey Home

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Sunday, May 14 - The Journey Home

Last day of vacation! What a trip! We were up at 7:00 am with breakfast scheduled for 8:00. After a shower and finishing packing, Neil went downstairs to check out, and the driver was already there before 8:00! He knew our pickup time was 8:45, though, and we had time enough to eat breakfast but tried not to make him wait too long!

Getting to the airport was no problem – it was a nice day without much traffic at all since it was Sunday morning. Getting through security took longer than expected, but we still made it to the gate in plenty of time. We had to fly through Philadelphia since there wasn't a non-stop out of Lisbon. There was time for lunch and coffee in the Philadelphia airport before we boarded our last flight back to DFW. The flights were uneventful but Ginger was ready to be out of a steel tube as soon as possible!

Photos from Sunday's flight from Lisbon (17 images) Photos from Sunday's flights into the USA (10 images)

Ginger's parents graciously picked us up at the DFW airport to get us home, and got us a simple dinner! Home sweet home... and now it's time to plan our next trip!