France and Portugal Vacation: 1-2 May 2023 - Through Paris to Nantes

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Tuesday, May 2 - Arrival in France; through Paris to Nantes

Our plane left DFW Airport at 5:00 pm, whisking us off on our overnight flight to Paris. After a dinner meal and trying to sleep some between watching a a couple of movies and videos, breakfast was served shortly after sunrise as we flew over the British Isles. After our on-time arrival about 9:00 am, we got through customs and made the short walk to the train station that is right there in the airport terminal. We had already purchased our tickets for our 12:19 train, so we were able to just relax for well over an hour before we had to make our way to the platform to board our train bound for Nantes. After changing trains in Le Mans, we arrived in Nantes around 3:30.

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Michel and Monique graciously picked us up at the train station and took us on a circuitous route to our hotel, pointing out some city sights along the way. We dropped off our bags and then got back in the car to head over to their house for cuisine and conversation. Michel and Monique were supremely gracious in hosting us for a full three meals over the two days, which was totally not expected. Dinner this night was slices of a huge Quiche Lorraine, salad, then a bread and cheese course, then whipped cream and fresh strawberries from Pornic, the nearby seaside city where their beach house is located.

After making arrangements for the next day, Michel and Monique chauffeured us back to our hotel, the Hôtel Mercure Nantes Centre-Passage Pommeraye. Typical of European hotels, we could get to our room either via the tiny elevator or various narrow stairs, and short jagged hallways. Our room was generously spacious and comfortable – just what we needed after our long day-and-a-half journey. Neil got a "timewarp" video with the GoPro camera outside our hotel room while the sun set. After a refreshing shower, we were exhausted and in bed by 10:00.

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