France and Portugal Vacation: 9 May 2023 - Rainy Day in Toulouse

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Tuesday, May 9 - Rainy Day in Toulouse

We had no particular plans for this day, and rain was expected, so we took our time getting to breakfast and setting out for more exploring. We made our way to Cathédrale Saint-Étienne but were not able to enter, so we continued South through the "Grand Rond", a park situated in the middle of a large roundabout, leading to yet another Jardin des Plantes.

Photos from Tuesday morning (29 images) Photos from the Jardin des Plantes (33 images)

A long esplanade along Alleé Jules Guesde led us back to the Garonne River. Yes, this is the same Garonne as in Bordeaux! The river starts in the Pyrenees Mountains in Northern Spain, and meanders Northward through Southern France, through Toulouse and Bordeaux before emptying out into the Atlantic Ocean. As we crossed the bridge Pont Saint-Michel, the rain began again, and continued (albiet lightly so not too bad) as we walked through Prairie des Filtres along the West bank of the Garonne. Back across the river via Pont Neuf, we ducked into the Basilique Notre Dame la Daurade where a choir was to start soon, so we stayed for a few songs. Our way back toward the hotel led us by a deli shop called "Pikonik", where we happily ordered some delicious croque monsieur sandwiches, served with an excellent small side salad. Through the rain we made it back to the hotel for some well needed rest and downtime.

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As evening approached, the rain and chill was concerning to Ginger, so we went and got some lozenges from the pharmacy and they fixed her right up. But even so, it was still too dreary and damp. For Ginger, at least! But Neil struck out on his own to just explore a bit before returning with dinner – an "assiette mixte" (mixed plate) of shaved meat, salad, and fries from the nearby Mac Ankara Chez Victor; these doner kebap places always seem to have a something-for-everyone menu and fair prices. Neil even found some canelés at a little patisserie!

Neil set up the GoPro camera to capture a timelapse video of sunset time at Place du Capitole as he stayed out exploring for another hour or two, capturing a few more photos of the city.

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