Ginger's Girl Trip

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Some friends and I were talking about taking a beach vacation together for a girl trip. It ended up being two of us actually going. I know Janel from studying abroad in college with IES.

We decided on Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Riviera. Neil and I had been there twice before and loved it. The resort this time was the Royal – Playa del Carmen.

Janel flew in from Washington, DC the day before our trip so she would be sure not to miss our early plane to Cancun. The Cancun airport is quite big, actually, and very polished and secure. Upon arrival at the airport, we proceeded to our arranged shuttle to the resort.

The half day we had upon arrival at the resort was really rough for me. I caught a stomach bug and didn’t feel well for the first 12-15 hours we were there. I was glad we hadn’t planned any excursions for this trip. This was just a vacation to do nothing on. I mostly rested and spent time in the room while Janel ate some lunch and walked around. I was able to get out and walk around some later in the day though.

There was an area on the beach designated for volleyball. I was fortunate enough to find $26 in cold hard American cash on the court. No one was around, and it’s not like I’m going to ask people if it was theirs. Score!! After dinner I still didn’t feel right, but by day two was back on my feet again. Both meals were at Spice, the buffet style restaurant.

We ordered room service for breakfast. The hotel actually has 24 hour room service. A fruit plate and yogurt were what I thought I could handle. Janel decided on French toast.

I received a call in the room where they said they’d missed us at check-in and wanted to give us our welcome gift containing discounts and other deals. After breakfast we decided to stop by the desk. I soon realized that the “tour” offered was really a sales pitch for their Real Resorts club. I knew I wouldn’t buy in, but we took the tour anyway because we got a free beach bag, swimsuit cover up, and a voucher for 500 pesos (about $45) to use on whatever we wanted at the resort. The tour lasted about an hour and a half but we didn’t care because it’s not like we had to be somewhere.

We ate lunch at Pelicano’s restaurant on the patio. The weather was actually unseasonably cool and windy, and I went back to the room to get a sweater. I decided on cheese pizza (still not quite ready for the full on meals) and Janel had lamb.

After lunch we walked around the beach some more, took a dip in the pool, then went to the 24 hour snack bar. MMMMM, chips and queso.

While there, two gentlemen from the resort hosted a wine tasting event. Nice! We could sample 6 wines, 3 white, 3 red. Since I’m not a white wine fan, I skipped the first three. I did like the last red they served.

Finally, dinner was at Maria Marie, the resorts French Fusion restaurant which severs French food with a twist. I had duck with onion sauce and a Mayan Chocolate Pyramid for dessert. Janel had enchiladas with chocolate sauce, yes, chocolate sauce and crème brule for dessert.

We retired early after watching some TV in the room. Man, those beds were super comfortable.

Again, breakfast was brought to us via room service. Fruit again for me, and apple yogurt, waffles for Janel.

I decided to put my 500 pesos toward a lime green hoodie with Playa Del Carmen embroidered across the front. Only cost me $3 more in cash. Then we hit the beach until about noon. More chips and queso at the snack bar before having lunch at Asiana. This restaurant has all kinds of Asian cuisine including sushi, sashimi, thai, Chinese, and Japanese dishes. I had wonton soup (fabulous) and sweet shrimp. Janel had ginger and crabmeat soup to start and duck.

While I took a nap and read in the room, Janel used her voucher to go to the spa. It’s called the Spazul (a play on words). Azul is the color blue in Spanish. On our tour we’d seen it, and it’s quite nice. She spent some time in the steam room.

Dinner was at the sister resort across the street. While our resort was all inclusive, this one was rooms only and the guests there could not venture over to eat at our hotel. We were told Maria’s was Italian food, but there were only about 3 pasta dishes on the menu. The rest was Mexican food. I enjoyed the tortilla soup to start, and beef strips plate with chips, charro beans and guacamole for an entree. while Janel sampled the grilled fish Veracruz.

Time to head back. We had room service breakfast again, another fruit plate for me. Tropical hotcakes for Janel. We caught our shuttle to the airport at 9:30 and were off. Neil made the trip over from Hurst to pick us up. Janel had a short layover in DFW and we were able to have lunch at my parent’s house, about 10 minutes from the airport. Then it was back to DC for her, and back home for us.